3. Organization

The content of this guide has been split into 5 distinct sections called Chapters as illustrated below:

Chapter 1: The first Chapter, About the Operating Systems covers a brief discussion on Linux and OpenSolaris OSes; their past and present, and contains some essential pointers that one may wish to check out.

Chapter 2: The second Chapter, Installing Microsoft Windows covers the installation of Microsoft WinXP that the reader chooses to install on a new hard disk. Disk partitioning and labeling schemes under Windows is discussed in detail herein.

Chapter 3: The third Chapter, Installing OpenSolaris covers the installation and configuration of OpenSolaris 2008.11 with the already existing Microsoft WinXP OS. Disk partitioning details are covered herein.

Chapter 4: The fourth Chapter, Installing CentOS covers the installation of CentOS 5.2 on the hard disk which already houses WinXP and OpenSolaris OSes.

Chapter 5: The fifth Chapter, Configuring a Tri-boot with GRUB covers the details of what GRUB is and the corresponding configuration of a tri-boot system using GRUB in detail.

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